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The International Institute of Diamond Valuation (IIDV) is part of De Beers Group, the world's leading diamond company, which has been operating for more than 125 years. 

IIDV specializes in the valuation and purchase of diamond jewelry.

Sell your diamond jewelry through one of our approved partner jewelers or via this website.


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All diamonds

We make offers on every jewelry piece as long as it contains at least one natural diamond. 

All types of jewelry

We buy all types of diamond jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets.

All metals & gemstones included

We make an offer for the whole jewelry piece: valuing the diamonds, the other gemstones (sapphires, rubies, emeralds, etc.) and the metal.

Reasons to sell to us

Expert valuation 

All of our laboratory technicians are highly-trained gemologists with experience working for and/or teaching at the most prestigious grading laboratories in the world.


Safe, fast and easy process

Your jewelry will be insured and shipped at no cost to you. Our services are free of charge and you can change your mind at any time (up until you accept payment).

Market leading prices

By un-mounting the diamonds and applying industry-leading technologies to the valuation process, we can help you to receive the most attractive price for your diamond jewelry. 

But don’t take our word for it – let us prove it to you. We strongly encourage you to seek offers from other companies before coming to us.  

Two Ways to Sell your Diamond Jewelry

Five steps to sell jewelry online

Receive an offer within three business days

Receive payment by bank transfer or check

  • Fill Out Online Form Fill Out Online Form
  • Pack & Ship Jewelry Pack & Ship Jewelry
  • Wait for Evaluation Wait for Evaluation
  • Receive & Accept Price Offer Receive & Accept Price Offer
  • Receive Payment Receive Payment

Sell your diamond jewelry in person

Two types of services: Lab Valuation or In-Store Valuation

Payment by check

  • Visit Approved Jeweler Visit Approved Jeweler
  • Wait for Evaluation Wait for Evaluation
  • Receive & Accept Quote Receive & Accept Quote
  • Receive Payment Receive Payment

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