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The International Institute of Diamond Valuation was created to improve customers' experience when they re-sell their diamond jewelry. We strive to make this process as easy and transparent as possible, and to offer the highest possible prices. Here is what some of our customers are saying about their recent experience with us:

Testimonials Updated


"I was very hesitant and nervous about sending an internally flawless diamond ring. Back in 1996 we paid close to $5,000 for this ring. Yet this individual took the time to explain to me how the insurance works. Also, was very patient with my other questions of other gems that were not diamonds. I would recommend this company to all my friends and family!"

Online customer


"It was a wonderful experience. I appreciate the time taken to look at each piece. Thank you!"

Jennifer H.

In-Store customer


"I heard of your buyback program and I decided to come in. I had an excellent experience. Thank you!"

Mary D.

In-Store customer



"Today's experience was fantastic! The gemologist was so kind and did everything she could to get me the best price for my pieces."

Katie W.

In-Store customer

"Excellent. Very knowledgeable and personable, made a difficult decision easier."

Jack W.

In-Store customer

"1st time selling jewelry. Very professional. Got real close to what we wanted."

Jo A.

In-Store customer

"Great experience. Quick, no pressure."

Pat J.

In-Store customer

"It was very quick! The process was quick & efficient! Thank you!"

Whitney P.

In-Store customer

"Very informative & nice opportunity to trade up."

Margaret D.

In-Store customer

"Great experience. Buyer was very informative and helpful!"

Alexandra B.

In-Store customer

"I was happy with the prompt service and results.” 

Ron C.

In-Store customer

"Pleasant, friendly & knowledgeable. Patient with my lack of experience."

Mary J.

In-Store customer

"Thank you for providing this amazing service."

Jennifer L.

In-Store customer

"Went very well. Quite satisfied."

Roxanne M.

In-Store customer

"Very professional and friendly. The offer seemed reasonable."

Julie H.

In-Store customer

"Very pleased with the experience."

Wesley G.

In-Store customer

"Very nice and comfortable setting. I felt I received a fair evaluation."

Cheryl B.

In-Store customer

"The experience was awesome and very professional. I will do this again."

Judy R.

In-Store customer

"Very professional & friendly. Enjoyed my time and glad to sell items."

Ethel M.

In-Store customer