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How We Are Different

We are long-term players in the industry

We genuinely want you to receive market-leading prices for your jewelry, because unlike some of our competitors, we are long-term players in the industry who believe that diamonds can be a store of value.

Many of our competitors buy at the lowest price so they can make more profit. We have a different philosophy: we target a modest fixed profit margin range and then pay the remaining amount to our customers. This ensures we can provide sellers with market-leading prices for their jewelry. 

We buy all types of diamond jewelry

We buy all types of natural diamond jewelry, in all sizes, shapes, colors and clarities. This means that if your ring, earrings, bracelet, or necklace has at least one natural diamond in it, we’ll buy the whole piece, no matter the size of the diamond.

We include all diamonds in our program, even the smallest ones, as we believe that every diamond has value. When we make an offer for your diamond jewelry, it covers the diamond(s) as well as any other gemstones (sapphires, rubies, emeralds, etc.) and metal that your piece may contain.


We are fast and thorough

We (or our approved partner jewelers) are the buyers of your jewelry and, therefore, can write checks immediately. Upon a thorough examination, we make offers for all jewelry containing natural diamonds. Unlike some of our competitors who use auctions, sellers can be assured that their jewelry will be purchased and purchased quickly.

We use the most advanced technologies available

The De Beers Group has been developing and using the most advanced technologies to determine each diamond’s unique features for several decades.

Professional diamond buyers who don’t use these technologies, will often discount the offers they extend to sellers to account for an inability to determine a diamond’s precise features. 

We don't believe in haggling with customers over price

We provide one price offer. Some other diamond buyers will attempt to ask you questions about your jewelry, such as:

  • What do you know about the jewelry?

  • Why do you want to sell it?

  • When did you purchase your jewelry?

  • How much do you want for it?

All of these questions are designed to provide the buyer with insight they can use to potentially offer you a lower price they hope you will accept.

We urge you to avoid potential buyers asking these types of questions, as they are designed to identify the following types of sellers:

  • Divorcees

  • Beneficiaries of inherited jewelry

  • Sellers who need money due to financial problems.

We won’t ask you these questions, because we believe that a diamond’s value should be based on its physical qualities not on the seller’s personal situation or lack of knowledge of their jewelry.