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Valuation Process

We specialize in the valuation of diamonds and diamond jewelry. We believe that by applying industry-leading technologies to the valuation process, we can help you receive the most attractive price for your diamond.

Step 1: Identification

Our team of expert gemologists goes through a nine-step identification process to determine the precise characteristics of a diamond jewelry piece. They use some of the most advanced technologies known to ensure they uncover every element of the piece that may contribute to its value.

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Step 2: Pricing

Following our identification of the diamond jewelry, we provide a corresponding Market Price Quote, based on wholesale market transaction data for similar pieces. We believe that our Market Price Quotes are consistently, on-average, higher than our competitors and therefore encourage customers to seek alternative offers.

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IMPORTANT - Please note:

Customers should not expect to receive the current retail price of their diamond jewelry.

IIDV establishes prices based on the wholesale price - the price that diamond suppliers sell to retail jewelers. This will differ from the retail price, which needs to cover considerable costs of the jeweler, including store rent, employee salaries, and other overheads.