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How it works

When diamond jewelry is sent to IIDV, a team of expert gemologists use some of the industry’s most advanced technologies to determine the precise characteristics of the jewelry piece.

Our careful analysis ensures that we uncover every element of the piece’s nature that may contribute to its value. We analyse all parts that comprise the jewelry piece: the qualities of the diamond, the other gemstones (sapphires, rubies, emeralds, etc.) and the metal. Based on the identification of all these elements, we will provide a Market Price Quote.


Why un-setting provides more value

The industry standard today is to evaluate diamonds while they are set within jewelry. We believe that this approach substantially short-changes customers, as it’s not always possible to identify accurately any of the qualities (and corresponding value) of a diamond unless it’s unset from the jewelry piece.

Professional diamond buyers know that a diamond’s color can be affected by its setting, weight can only be estimated and inclusions can be hidden under the setting’s prongs.

To compensate for the risk that expert buyers may overestimate a diamond’s color, clarity, weight and cut, professional buyers typically discount the price offered to customers by 10 to 30%.

By un-setting the diamond during our valuation process, we eliminate most of this ‘risk discount’ and provide customers with a truer estimate of a diamond’s value.

Our nine-step identification process

Our expertise is particularly focused on identifying diamonds, where we undertake a nine-step identification process of diamond jewelry.

1. Cleaning

2. Synthetic diamond and artificial treatment detection

3. Weighing

4. Clarity testing

5. Color testing

6. Cut testing

7. Fluorescence testing

8. Re-cutting and polished potential evaluation

9. Designer brand and provenance verification