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Market Price Quote

Once we’ve completed our identification process of the diamond jewelry, we provide a corresponding Market Price Quote, which is based on wholesale market transaction data for similar pieces at a given point in time. We have a comprehensive database that's updated every week and contains more than 100,000 different prices for various types of diamonds.

We believe that our Market Price Quotes are consistently, on-average, higher than our competitors. But don’t take our word for it. We strongly encourage you to seek alternative offers and then come back to us.

After we acquire diamond jewelry, we often clean and re-polish the stone and sell it back into the wholesale market, where it is purchased by jewelry manufacturers or retailers.

Key elements to determine price

The key elements that determine the prices for diamond jewelry include:

  • Characteristics of the diamond: size, clarity, color, cut and fluorescence
  • Characteristics of the pieces's non-diamond components: metal weight/composition and accompanying colored gemstones
  • Wear and damage: scratches, chips, internal cracks
  • Brand/ make/ provenance of the jewelry piece: for instance Tiffany, Cartier or jewelry having belonged to someone famous
  • Enhancements made to improve the appearance of gemstones: artificial enhancements such as HPHT, irradiation, fracture filling, drilling etc.